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Week 33 Deadline: Wed Oct 14, 18:00 ET
Welcome to MFLS 2015
Major Fantasy League Soccer, the original soccer fantasy league on the web, is now in our our 20th exciting season.

MFLS is a fantasy soccer league based on the results of the United States' and Canada's Major League Soccer. You select and manage a team of players throughout the season and earn points based on their performance in the real games.

Join thousands of fellow fans of the beautiful game in the best fantasy soccer game on the web, MFLS.

It's a great way to enhance your enjoyment of North America's top flight soccer league.

We would like to welcome fans from Montreal to join the competition!

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Create Your Team
Signups are now closed for this season.

Please check back around February before the start of the next MLS season to participate in MFLS!

We encourage you to get groups of friends, family and teammates together to form a division of teams and create your own competition within MFLS.
How to Play MFLS
Playing MFLS is fun, easy to play, and free to boot.

Start by creating your team. It only takes a couple of minutes to get your team created and you have until an hour before the start of each week of MLS play to finalize your roster.

You will get to select a roster of 11 starters, a coach and 8 bench players from among all MLS players.
Fantasy Roster
Each week your team will earn points based on the performances that week of each of your 11 starting players and your coach.

You will be able to adjust your roster, making substitutions and trades throughout the week to get the best possible starting lineup on the field for each weekend.

Each week, MFLS managers may also compete in the MFLS Prediction League where you predict the scores for each MLS match and earn points based when you get them right.