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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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MFLS Divisions
Division Name Status Team Count Manager Description
105 Supporters [private] 5 Daniel Luebke RBNY Supporters that sit in section 105
All American Premier League [CLOSED] 32 Tim Drew Competitive and fun league with the best rivalries in the game.
American All Stars [open] 8 Steve Dunn Open to all experienced players!
Bobo Liga [private] 12 Matthew Kinsey One of the original and most competitive divisions in all of MFLS.
Brew City FA [private] 23 Dan Chiariello kneel and kiss the ring
Buds [private] 2 Joe Patterson Buds only
Bussard-Leibrock Soccer [private] 6 Mona Bussard  
Casbah [private] 18 Steve Otruba Fans of the Earthquakes. Participants in CWC and CL
Club74 [private] 5 Bill Fisher Welcome
Division of Great Significance [private] 21 Gavin Myers 14th year. Lots of fun competition!
Draft League [private] 10 Todd Bevan Draft League held off-site. Not eligible for prizes.
FC Knights [private] 5 Spencer Propst This Division was created for FC Knights players to compete with MLS fantasy teams. Good luck
felsenliga [open] 9 marc kelly for 20 years, the Felsenliga=awesome
La Armada Invencible [private] 12 Jorge García "Spanish Girls" always with us...
Leisure Family [private] 6 Jason Leisure started as just the immediate family and expanded to include the Honey Badgers - why not?
Lowerest Depths [private] 3 Charlie Armstrong Even lower than last year
MN madness [private] 2 Leif Eidsmoe Minnesota soccer lovers
PDXist [private] 2 Jason Kuhn  
Plattsburgh Association [private] 17 Chris Waterbury A group of past players and coaches who know nothing about soccer.
PNW Division [open] 12 Steven Hofmann  
Ring of Fire [open] 7 Jim McAndrew Chicago fire fans unite! (Hopefully not in misery...)
ROOKIE BALL [open] 22 Scott Barth Back again for another season of "Just having Fun!"
Smackdown Hotel [private] 11 Brian Downing  
SPW 2015 [private] 11 Jonathon Pow Wow Sounders Pow Wow
The Black & The Red FA [private] 17 Eric Lowe TBTRFA back again. DC United fans. League & Cup. Entry into MFLS-Wide comps.
Trojan League [private] 20 j schlag CONGRATS cyber Warriors on YOUR SEASON!! Open Cup Champ, Division Champ, & Div. Pred. Champ.
U S National Team [CLOSED] 25 David Collier For fans of MLS and The US National Team
Ultimate Soccertainment [open] 4 Patrick Ferguson For NHS based soccer aficianados everywhere
USA vs World [private] 18 Kerry Kaszak  
Wadsworth SC [private] 6 Frank Muhl  
West End Wildcats [open] 3 Joe Zarelli  
ZIMS [private] 2 Grant Zimmerman