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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
MFLS Prediction Competition Rules
In addition to managing a fantasy league, each MFLS manager may compete with other MFLS managers in a competition predicting the outcomes of MLS games each week, the MFLS Prediction Competition.

The MFLS Prediction Competition is separate from the fantasy league competition and is completely optional.


  • Each week you make your predictions for each MLS match of the upcoming MFLS week.
  • The deadline for predictions for each week is the same as the transfer/subs deadline for that week (1 hour before kickoff of the first match of the week).
  • You may alter your predictions as many times as you desire, up until the deadline for that week.
  • You will earn 'Prediction Points' based on how accurately you predict the outcomes. The scoring is as follows:
  • Predicting Points Awarded Explanation
    the EXACT SCORE of the match 6  
    the CORRECT RESULT of a TIED match 4  
    the CORRECT RESULT of the match AND correctly predicting a BLOWOUT 4 A blowout is considered a win by 2 or more goals
    the CORRECT RESULT of the match 3  
  • The scoring is not additive.
  • There are no penalties for not predicting a score for a match or missing a week of prediction.
  • MFLS will post your league and division wide ranking in the Prediction competition separately from your fantasy league ranking.
  • As in the fantasy league, MFLS reserves the right to make any changes or corrections to ensure fairness to all teams when making corrections or resolving disputes.
    The winner of the Prediction Competition will receive a Replica Jersey of their choice (that are readily available to MFLS). Unfortunately, we cannot promise multiple prizes in the event of a tie. The tie breakers will be (in this order)

  • Most Exact Scores,
  • Most Exact Goal Margins,
  • Most Correctly Predicted Ties,
  • Most Blowouts Predicted,
  • Most Correct Results,
  • and, finally, the dreaded random selection.

  • Legal Disclaimer
    Prizes are void in states where prohibited by law