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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
MFLS Fantasy League Rules: Roster Moves
Player Transfers and Substitutions

Each MFLS Week, each team will be able to make some number of transfers and any number of substitutions. Each team is given a limit of 35 transfers for the entire season.
  • Substitution : moving a player from your reserve roster to the starting lineup
  • Transfer : selling a currently rostered player and purchasing a player as his replacement
  • The basic rules on moves are:

  • Substitutions are always free (i.e., no transfer fee charged against your MFLS team salary cap).
  • Coaches can only be transferred TWICE during the season. If your coach is fired during the season your team will automatically be assigned his MLS club's replacement (Note: such a replacement will not count against your transfer limit).
  • When you trade (transfer) a player during the season, you must pay a transfer fee (charged against your MFLS team salary money) for the new player. The transfer fees that you incur are counted against your team's salary cap. On the player lists and on your team page, the player's current transfer fee will be indicated.
  • When you transfer a bench player, his replacement comes in on the bench. Likewise, if you transfer a starting player, his replacement comes into the starting lineup.
  • A player's transfer fee will change throughout the day (in real time) based on his demand. The more popular the player the higher the transfer fee will be. Transfer fees will vary between 0 (for unpopular players) and 100 (for very popular players). NOTE: Managers are given unlimited free transfers to adjust their teams up until their first week of MFLS play, from then on they are limited to their alotted moves.
  • All moves will take effect in the next MFLS week from the time the move is submitted to MFLS. Roster Move Deadlines are posted on team pages and the top page and indicate the deadline for submitting a move in time for the following MFLS week.
  • Emergency Moves: if you are experiencing problems executing a move due to MFLS system problems, you must send us a note which must be submitted before the roster move deadline.
  • Preseason transfers are unlimited and free: After you sign up your team, you may make any number of transfers up to the start of your first week of play (your first Roster Moves Deadline) without paying any transfer fees. These preseason transfers do not count against your season-long limit of 35 transfers.
  • A Form is provided directly on your team page. Please read the FAQ for a full description of how to perform roster moves from your team page.

    How Transfers Affect an MFLS Team's Salary Cap and Cash
    First some definitions of terms which will appear on your team page from the "Financials/Stats" menu option:

  • Salary Cap: is the amount of money you may spend on your team including player salaries and transfer fees paid to acquire players.
  • Total Salary: is the sum of all of your player salaries from your current squad of
  • Transfer Fees: is the sum of all transfer fees you have paid out.
  • Transfer Slush Fund: is a fund which can be used to pay a transfer fee, you can add to this fund by selling a player with a high transfer fee for a player with a lower transfer fee. You keep the difference in transfer fees in the Transfer Slush Fund. Later, if you make a transfer that involves selling a player with a low transfer fee for a player with a higher transfer fee, then the Transfer Slush Fund is used to pay as much of this fee as possible, the remainder is paid from your available cash and this amount is added to your Transfer Fees.
  • Available Cash: this is the amount of money you are free to spend. Salary Cap minus your Total Salary and Transfer Fees.
  • Player Transfer Examples
    When you a transfer (sell) a player called X and receive (buy) for a new player called Y, you are removing player X's salary from your total salary and adding player Y's salary to your total. In addition, you must settle the transfer fees.

  • Case 1: Player X's transfer fee is the same as Player Y's transfer fee:
    You use Player X's fee to pay the fee for Player Y. The 'net fee' is zero and your Transfer Fees and Transfer Slush Fund are not effected.
  • Case 2: Player X's transfer fee is less than Player Y's transfer fee:
    You must pay the 'net fee' which is the difference between their transfer fees. You first use your Transfer Slush Fund to pay as much of the 'net fee' as possible. The remainder of the 'net fee' is then paid from your Available Cash and this amount is added to your Transfer Fees total. Note that your Transfer Fees paid are gone forever, the Transfer Slush Fund cannot be used to reduce your Transfer Fees total.
  • Case 3: Player X's transfer fee is more than Player Y's transfer fee:
    The 'net fee' is positive for you. The 'net fee' is added to your Transfer Slush Fund. You may use this fund later to pay 'net fees' as in Case 2.