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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
MFLS Fantasy League Rules: MFLS Season

The MFLS season will begin with the first regular season MLS match on Friday, March 6, 2015 and conclude with the last regular season match which is currently scheduled for Sunday, October 25, 2015.

The 2015 MFLS season will be divided up into 34 weeks. Each week will run from 1 hour before the first scheduled game of the week and will end 1 hour before the first scheduled game for the following week. All schedules listed on MFLS are US Eastern Time. Currently, MLS games are scheduled from Wednesday through Tuesday for each MFLS week.

Statistics and scoring updates occur by Monday morning following the weekend action (except for the rare Tuesday games when the updates will occur by Wednesday morning). Statistical errors are common and we make changes whenever they are brought to our attention. We reserve the right to make statistical corrections up until 1 week following the end of season at which time all stats are considered final.

MFLS teams will earn points for all weeks following their team signup submission.

If MLS schedule changes occur, MFLS will adjust the starting and ending weeks as required.

There is a limit of one team per person. MFLS managers must provide valid names, email, and home addresses when signing up, or their team may be removed without warning.